A crew with the left-wing anarchist group “Antifa” attacked and shouted at a USA Today reporter and photographer during a counter-protest in Washington, D.C. on Sunday.

In a counter-protest to the “Unite the Right 2” protest, Antifa mobs descended on the streets of Washington, D.C., attacking police and threatening onlookers. The Antifa group also threatened and shouted down members of the media, including a USA Today reporter who said she was simply trying to do her job.

Exclusive footage taken by Breitbart News shows two members of Antifa cursing at and shouting down the USA Today reporter, telling her to “Stop taking pictures!”

“Are you going to report how many people they tear-gassed?” the Antifa member shouted at a photographer.

“If we knew,” the USA Today reporter responded.

“If you knew!” the Antifa member shouted back. “Go over there and fucking ask!” a male Antifa member shouted at the woman.

“Go ask people! Stop taking pictures!” the Antifa member shouted. “Ask questions! Don’t just keep taking pictures!”

“If you knew what we did, we do both,” the USA Today reporter said back. This response prompted the male Antifa member to shout back at her, “You don’t even know who the fuck we are!”

“I’m watching you right now, I know what you do,” the USA Today reporter said.

After the altercation, the USA Today reporter and a photographer with AFP said they were just trying to do their jobs.

Ian Mason and Matt Perdie contributed to this report.