CNN is on a crusade to destroy every conservative in America.

The left-wing network wants to shut down and smear every opposing voice ahead of the midterm election.

And CNN just launched a campaign to silence Laura Ingraham once and for all.

CNN is Leading the Campaign to Censor Free Speech

CNN’s on-air talent spends countless hours blabbing that Donald Trump is attacking the First Amendment, but recent weeks have shown that CNN is the true threat to free speech.

The liberal network is the tip of the spear in the liberal’s latest crusade to cleanse the internet of dissenting views.

CNN led a successful campaign to purge pro-Trump talk show host Alex Jones from social media.

Google, Facebook, and YouTube all succumbed to CNN’s pressure campaign and banned Jones for “hate speech.”

Reporters at CNN were also instrumental in forcing the Newseum – an institution dedicated to celebrating the First Amendment – to stop selling “You are very fake news” t-shirts.

Now CNN is trying to smear Fox News host Laura Ingraham as a racist.

And many critics believe this is their first step in getting her de-platformed and kicked off the air.

CNN’s Brian Stelter and Tom Kludt lit their hair on fire after Laura Ingraham had criticized open border and mass migration during a recent monologue.

“The America we know and love doesn’t exist anymore,” Ingraham had stated.

The Fox News host continued, “Massive demographic changes have been foisted on the American people, and they are changes that none of us ever voted for, and most of us don’t like.”

“There is something slipping away in this country and it’s not about race or ethnicity. It’s what was once a common understanding by both parties that American citizenship is a privilege, and one that at a minimum requires respect for the rule of law and loyalty to our constitution,” Ingraham concluded.

Liberals At CNN Believe All Conservative Speech is Hate Speech

According to left-wing activists like Brian Stelter, opposing open borders, illegal immigration and unlimited migration is “white anxiety.”

This is the usual liberal tactic to shut down debate.

Liberals lob charges of racism at conservatives hoping they’ll cower into the corner and agree with them to stop their attacks.

This is no different.

Immigration was the central issue in the 2016 election.

And it could play a major role in the 2018 midterms.

So the liberal press is kicking the smear machine into high gear to attack anyone who disagrees with what Nancy Pelosi believes immigration policy should be.

A Familiar Playbook

Now that CNN successfully lobbied tech companies to censor Alex Jones and InfoWars, conservatives are wondering when the next shoe will drop.

CNN reporters already campaigned last year to get Sean Hannity kicked off the air by targeting his advertisers.

And CNN has worked to get Trump kicked off twitter.

Conservatives expect every pro-Trump voice in the media will soon be targeted with a similar campaign, and believe it’s already begun to Ingraham.

The first step was smearing her as a racist because she believes America should have control of its borders and a merit based immigration system.

Twitter has already said they will start taking their users off-platform conduct into consideration when deciding whether to ban them or not.

Now that CNN has lied about Ingraham and accused her of essentially being a white nationalist, critics believe a coordinated effort to pressure twitter into banning her will not be far behind.