According to a conservative journalist, her page was removed from Facebook after she posted a video confronting a pair of Muslim politicians. Now, she says she is banned for 30 days, though her page is back.


The idea that various social media platforms are targeting people based on their politics is not a new one to anyone who is politically to the right of Hillary Clinton. Indeed, reports abound of abuses on all the major platforms; just recently, African-American conservative Candace Owens showed that when she tweeted almost the exact same thing that Sarah Jeong did, she was punished and banned from Twitter ‘in error,’ while Jeong was never banned and got a job at the New York Times.

Conservative and Jewish journalist Laura Loomer found out that she, too, could be targeted on social media after asking the ‘tough questions’ of two left-leaning Muslim politicians in Minneapolis, then having the audacity to post the video to Facebook. According to her, less than a day after she posted the video, Facebook unpublished her page. However, the unanswered ‘questions’ she asked still remain, such as “was there a divorce” between siblings and “why did YouTube remove a video asking anti-Israel candidates about their anti-Semitic beliefs?”

Minnesota State Representative Ilhan Omar and Congressional candidate Rashida Tlaib from Detroit, Michigan, held a joint event in Minneapolis, Minnesota, at the Holy Land Deli.

Last week, Ms. Tlaib celebrated her victory in the democrat primary by posting a tweet that could be seen as ‘taking aim’ at Israel and America’s support for our surest ally in the Middle East.

The content of the tweet said that she would not stand by while American foreign aid money was “used to violate the human rights” of any race, nation, or ethnicity.

According to the United States government, America sends more than $50 billion abroad to other nations to help with various things, from ‘basic education’ to ‘conflict, peace, and security.’

Incidentally, the ‘West Bank/Gaza’ receives about $417 million of that money.

Of course, America gives money to 214 nations in the world. Perhaps Tlaib was complaining about the $780 million sent to, say, Pakistan, which has a horrible record on women’s rights issues, or maybe about the $597 million sent to South Africa, the nation that is encouraging racial attacks and theft of land from people who are the wrong skin color?

Tlaib is running unopposed in Michigan’s 13th Congressional District, which is 100% ‘urban’ and was the same district that John Conyers left vacant after his shameful departure.

An oddly shaped district drawing its constituency from urban Detroit and a handful of suburbs, the district voted for Hillary Clinton in 2016 by 79 percent to Donald Trump’s 18.

The 13th District hasn’t elected a Republican representative since 1949, when George O’Brien defeated Howard Coffin.

Tlaib is running unopposed after narrowly winning the primary. As for Ilhan Omar, her story is a bit stranger.

She was an immigrant to Minneapolis who escaped from Mogadishu and came to the United States via a refugee camp in Kenya.

Omar was elected to the Minnesota House of Representatives from the 60B District, but not before claims spread that she had married her brother in some sort of marriage scam.

According to the Power Line website, Somali website Somalispot posted information claiming that Omar was involved in “marriage and immigration fraud.”

The story claims that she married Ahmed Hirsi in 2002, with whom she appeared on her campaign website, but continues on to state that she also married Ahmed Nur Said Elmi in 2009.

Allegedly, Elmi is her brother, and the story suggests that they married to get him into the United States from the United Kingdom, which he returned to after being evicted from a public housing complex in Minneapolis.

According to the Jihad Watch website, the plot thickens, and a year after the election, she quietly filed for a default divorce, claiming she could not locate Elmi.

In public court filings made in Minnesota, Omar claimed she had not seen him since June of 2011, even though they had allegedly been photographed together in 2015.

The entire story has been denied by the politician.

Laura Loomer went to the Holy Land deli to question the two politicians, and to ask them about their anti-Semitic statements and their disdain of Israel.

According to other accounts of the event, Loomer was assaulted by Tlaib when she was asking questions, and the politician even attempted to take her cell phone.

Still, the Jewish conservative journalist persisted, asking why the two women support Hamas and if they would condemn its actions (as it is an internationally recognized terrorist organization).

She also asked about their relationship to Linda Sarsour, who has been described as an anti-Semite and who regularly rubs elbows with Muslim extremists.

The biggest shock, however, came after she posted the video to Facebook. According to Loomer, the social media site took down her page, though it now appears to be back up.

However, her public Facebook page states that her personal page was given a 30-day ban, and that she cannot currently access the public page.

It seems that the social media site didn’t get enough when they banned Alex Jones from using the page, and that they think barring conservatives like Loomer for daring to ask questions about a strange case that has recently garnered new attention is somehow appropriate.

Facebook is fast approaching a choice. They can either continue to be a media network, with diverse opinions and content, or they can openly state that they will only let certain political views that they agree with remain on the site, and risk alienating their audience.