“The Secret Service is aware of the incident,” a Secret Service spokesperson said.


Several individuals who took part in the massive Antifa protest outside of the White House on Sunday threatened to murder President Donald Trump, but are now officially under investigation. While some protestors had signs calling for “love,” many others were caught on tape openly saying they wanted to hurt and kill the president. Nothing says peace and love like advocating violence, right?

According to The Daily Caller, the Secret Service said they are aware of the threats of psychical violence and harm Antifa members made against Trump and are investigating the matter. Many would agree that these people are deluded terrorists. A number of them are ignorant and use violence to promote their political ideology.

“The Secret Service is aware of the incident,” a spokesperson told The DC. The outlet also reported that the Secret Service said they cannot comment further with any specifics on “protective intelligence investigations,” but it does indicate that the threats are being taken seriously — as many would agree they should be.

Over the weekend, a swarm of Antifa protestors swarmed the nation’s capital to counter protest a white nationalist rally, which hardly drew more than two dozen supporters. Reports suggest it was Antifa leftists who showed up in droves to stir the pot and look for confrontation.

With a massive police presence to keep the city safe, Antifa members got very, very violent — and it was caught on camera by many outlets.

Wearing black masks or other clothing items to cover most of their face, a slew of Antifa thugs said they wanted to murder and cause serious physical harm to Trump.

Acting like anarchists and apparently determined to seek conflict, a few of these thugs told The DC’s Benny Johnson that they wanted to kill the president.

“If Donald Trump showed up here, what would you say or do?” Johnson asked several Antifa members. Protesters looked into the camera and threatened to harm Trump or “murder the president.”

As noted by Conservative Daily Post, many lawmakers and others have called Antifa a domestic terror group who wear masks, riot gear, and seek to inflict violence against anyone who supports Trump or disagrees with their progressive viewpoints.

In the United States alone, there are tens of thousands of deranged liberals who are members of this domestic terror group. They have made it a top priority to torment, harass, and assault Trump supporters in public. Group members wear masks so they protect their identity, because their behavior is so abhorrent and chilling that they are afraid to show their own face in public, just like the Ku Klux Klan democrats of old.

When Antifa holds a rally or event in an area, many seek conflict, destroy property, and try to confront anyone who opposes their message. They often try to outnumber people, where the group cowardly singles out one or two people and tries to intimidate them.

Johnson’s video, which can be viewed here on The DC’s website, it is believed to feature the Antifa members who are being investigated by the Secret Service for making very serious threat against the president of the United States.

Many have been calling for tougher measures against this violent leftist group, and perhaps the Secret Service holding those accountable may send a major warning shot to the entire group.