Game show contestant suffers brain lock (or did he?) and offers name of deceased terrorist as clue to elicit guess of the previous American president…

Game Show Contestant Confuses Barack Obama With Osama bin Laden

(Joshua Paladino, Liberty Headlines) A contestant on the game show “$100,000 Pyramid” confused President Barack Obama with one of America’s most evil foes, Al-Qaeda founder Osama bin Laden.

The game show matches a celebrity with a contestant.

One partner reads from a pyramid list of categories and provides clues, while the other player guesses.

Contestant Evan Kaufman paired with actor Tim Meadows, who appeared on “Saturday Night Live” for 10 seasons.

Kaufman’s first pyramid topic as clue-giver — which are intended to be the easiest before they get progressively more difficult — was “People Whose Last Name is Obama.”

He paused, thought, and finally offered as his first clue, “bin Laden.”

Meadows (obviously) didn’t guess “Obama” after he heard the “bin Laden” clue.

Kaufman then thought a few more seconds, then offered the clue “Barack,” which prompted Meadows to provide the correct “Obama” answer.

Kaufman, who called himself a “liberal Globalist Cuck” with “inherent racism lurking” in his brain, described what happened on twitter in a series of tweets.

He called himself a “tired Dad,” as his son was born two weeks prior.

He said the producers even told him before the show to read the questions very carefully.