Authorities identify three-year-old boy at New Mexico terror compound

The remains of a three-year-old boy found at the New Mexico Islamic terrorist compound has been identified as the son of one of the suspects.

The boy was originally reported missing by his mother. Health officials identified the boy as Abdul-Ghani Wahhaj on Thursday, the son of the suspect currently out on bail.

The cause or manner of death remains unclear and “investigators had to use several means” in order to identify the boy’s remains due to their condition, Fox News reports.

Louder with Crowder reports: Sorry for repeating myself, but the judge who released the suspects said the FBI and local law enforcement had failed to prove the suspects posed a threat.

Tell me, is a buried three-year-old child, whose remains were in such a state, the investigators had to get extra creative, threatening enough?

I ask since eleven children being trained in how to shoot up schools didn’t seem to set off any alarm bells in the judge’s keen sense of morality.

Perhaps a dead toddler, who, as the report further explains, may have died via some kind of exorcism, will tip the scales of justice.

What do terrorists have to do for the media to take them seriously?