Colorado Springs college rhetoric course teaches Trump supporters are prejudice, loud, insulting

Teri Webster

An English professor at the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs requires her students to read anti-Trump materials that describe supporters of the president as prejudiced against immigrants, Muslims, and members of the LGBTQ community, Campus Reform reported.

What is the class?

Katherine Mack, chair of English department at college, assigns the reading materials in her “Topics in Public Rhetorics” course, a mandatory class for students majoring in “Rhetoric and Writing,” according to the report.

A copy of the 2018 course syllabus and materials from a student show details of what Mack is teaching.

For example, it states “the political rhetoric of the 2016 election was particularly vitriolic and uncivil, and, according to many, even less grounded in objective truths than elections past.”

What is being taught?

Reading assignments reviewed by Campus Reform describe Trump supporters and conservatives as being prone to “shouting” and “inciting xenophobia.”

One of the books on the reading list, “Post-Truth Rhetoric and Composition” by Bruce McComiskey “analyzes the instances of bulls***t, fake news, feigned ethos, hyperbole, and other forms of post-truth rhetoric employed in recent political discourse,” according to description of the book by its publisher, University Press of Colorado.

McComiskey maintains that if the “Trump effect” is not “immediately and forcefully” challenged, students will begin “inciting xenophobia, retreating into isolationism, resorting to shouting, causing disruption, spouting insults, securing exclusion, encouraging divisiveness, spewing invective, exploiting fear, and desiring success at all costs,” the report stated.

Further, the author calls Trump a “first-rate actor in his post-truth world of made-up credibility.”

Anything else?

McComiskey claims Trump is untrustworthy and appeals the most to people who are prejudice.

Other information in the book claims that Trump’s biggest supporters are white Americans tend to be authoritarian and prejudice toward groups such as the LGBTQ community, immigrants, Muslims, and African Americans.

The syllabus asks students speak out if they feel “triggered,” yet also asks they “never demean, belittle, devalue, or otherwise put down others for their comments, questions, experiences, or ideas,” according to the report.

The instructor could not immediately be reached to comment about the course materials.