ByRyan Saavedra

President Donald Trump gave some bad news to hot-headed CNN FBI analyst Phil Mudd on Monday night after watching his unhinged meltdown that went viral over the weekend.

“Just watched former Intelligence Official Phillip Mudd become totally unglued and weird while debating wonderful Paris Dennard over Brennan’s Security Clearance,” Trump tweeted. “Dennard destroyed him but Mudd is in no mental condition to have such a Clearance. Should be REVOKED?”

Trump’s tweet comes after Mudd lost his mind during a segment with Dennard, screaming “get out!” at him and cursing on live TV.

Mudd, who previously used the “n-word” on CNN, lost his temper when Dennard pointed out that former government officials who have security clearances are able to profit off them after they leave government.

“Twenty-five years in the service and this is the sh*t I get!” Mudd exclaimed. “Get out!”