On Sunday, Joe Scarborough once again revealed he is suffering from a major case of Trump Derangement Syndrome and said President Trump is “unwell and has been getting progressively worse over the past 18 months,” — Of course without providing any proof whatsoever. 

The left and their mouthpieces in the media are running out of steam with the ‘Trump-Russia’ collusion hoax, so they have reverted back to arguing Trump is unwell and unfit to serve.

The Morning Joe host tweeted: Anyone who has known Trump for years, and doesn’t have a stake in his political career or the GOP, says the same. He is unwell and has been getting progressively worse over the past 18 months.

Investigative reporter Sara Carter destroyed Joe Scarborough on Monday.

Sara Carter tweeted: What facts do you have? It appears that you are just propagating lies and so out of control. @realDonaldTrump is not unwell – what is unwell is the vast division the media rumor mill has become – you ignore the facts and chose a narrative that is based on hate.

Conservative media were relentlessly attacked by the Democrats and fake News CNN, MSNBC, ABC and others for pointing out Hillary’s obvious ill health.


The Gateway Pundit, Breitbart News and other independent conservative journalists were called conspiracy theorists for reporting on Hillary’s health problems after she fainted on the campaign trail and got chucked into her Scooby mobile like a side of beef.

Hillary Clinton suffered from a chronic cough and even claimed she had pneumonia on the campaign trail after she fainted and the media defended her.

Crooked Hillary has fallen down many flights of stairs, broken her toe, broken her wrist and was even spotted with a huge back bulge (which she tried to hide with a heavy coat) yet crickets from the media.

But Trump is unwell….without any proof to back up the claims. This is why Joe Scarborough and his fellow media sycophants are called fake news.