social media censorship

President Donald Trump said Tuesday that he would continue standing against social media censorship, arguing that American citizens had the same freedoms as the press did under the First Amendment.

“Every one of us is sort of like a newspaper, you have Twitter… Facebook … you can’t have censorship,” he said, referring to the ongoing acts of censorship conducted by big technology companies like Google, Facebook, and YouTube.

Trump said he would stand for individuals of every political belief to exercise their First Amendment freedoms, even if he had to put up with fake news.

“I’d rather have fake news like CNN than have anybody – including liberals, socialists … than have anybody stopped and censored,” he said.

The president made his remarks during a political rally in West Virginia for Republican Senate Candidate Patrick Morrisey.

“We believe in the right of Americans to speak their minds,” Trump said to the crowd.

Trump warned the media that censorship was a slippery slope.

“It could turn around, it could be them next,” he warned.