David Hogg announces Congressional run and endorses Ocasio-Cortez for President

Anti-gun activist David Hogg has announced plans to run for office, and says socialist candidate Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez should become our next President.

During a recent interview with NY Mag, Hogg says he will run for Congress when he turns 25.

“I want to be at least part of the change in Congress.”

The Parkland student also went on the offensive by viciously attacking Nancy Pelosi, Barack Obama, and Bernie Sanders who, he says, aren’t progressive enough.

Dailywire.com reports: Hogg said his goals are to go to college next year and “read a sh*tload of books” before working on a presidential campaign in 2020.

Hogg bashed multiple Democrats in the interview, including “old” Nancy Pelosi, “terrible on guns” Bernie Sanders, and Barack Obama — who he says “increased drone warfare and killed a lot of civilians.”

Miller noted that Hogg, who she describes as a “spokesman” for “radicalized” young Americans, “frequently uses the word narcissistic in reference to himself.”

Miller’s piece compares Hogg to “the Greatest Generation,” despite the fact that he repeatedly mocks older generations, like his “old-ass parent[s]” who he claimed in a past interview were too stupid to “send an iMessage” so they had to give him “the f***ing phone.”

As for socialist Ocasio-Cortez, Democratic National Committee Chairman Tom Perez recently designated her as “the future of the Democratic party.” Republicans are so excited to have her be the face of the Democratic party that they have already created a campaign ad to celebrate her political future.