White House aide and former Trump campaign manager Kellyanne Conway appeared on CNN Thursday with Chris Cuomo, challenging several lies put out by the fake news media.

Conway hit back at Cuomo over a false CNN report, which was never retracted, claiming Cohen was about to reveal to FBI Special Counsel Robert Mueller that the President knew about the infamous Trump Tower meeting.

“You know what a lie is?” Conway told Cuomo. “That on July 27 you guys came out with this big report, nobody’s retracting it yet, three big bylines.”

At one point Cuomo takes a swipe at Conway and Fox News, telling her lies belong on that network. But Conway shot back, trolling Cuomo over his network’s abysmal ratings compared to Fox News.

“I can’t let you say things that aren’t true. That’s FOX, you go to FOX for that,” Cuomo said.

“None of you are able to get through most of your shows without mentioning them,” Conway retorted. “It’s not a good look to be so jealous of Fox News’ ratings.”

Conway later fired back at a tweet put out by Cuomo Prime Time, which claimed she would not admit lies during the interview.