The mass shooter who opened fire on participants at a gaming tournament in Florida was an active member of the anti-Trump "resistance"

The mass shooter who opened fire on participants at a gaming tournament in Jacksonville Landing, Florida on Sunday, killing 2 and leaving 9 wounded, was an active member of the anti-Trump “resistance” — and mainstream media are attempting to cover up this fact. 

David Katz, the mass shooter, was obsessed with Donald Trump and spent a significant portion of his spare time on the internet arguing with Trump supporters, labelling them “Trumptards”, according to his Reddit history.

Did mainstream media fake news and liberal hatred radicalize David Katz and push the vulnerable 24-year-old man over the edge?

According to witnesses, David Katz, who hailed from Maryland, Baltimore, began his killing spree shortly after he lost the Madden NFL gaming tournament on Sunday evening. Footage and audio of the shooting was captured during a livestream at the Madden NFL tournament.

Survivors described people trampling on each other as they raced to flee the scene of the shooting, the horrific sounds of which were captured while the tournament was being livestreamed.

In one video, a red laser sight can be seen tracing across the chest of a young man who is playing the game. The video cuts out, and the sounds of gunshots can be heard before the livestream ends altogether.

David Katz, who turned the gun on himself after his murderous spree, was a self-loathing liberal who was unable to hide this fact on social media.

His Reddit page is littered with insults hurled at conservatives and America. Ultimately, David Katz believed that “stupid Americans” deserved to die, and this disturbing liberal end game reached its conclusion in Jackson Landing, Florida, on Sunday, when he opened fire on an innocent crowd of gamers.

Via Ian Miles Cheong:


However mainstream media is refusing to report the fact that Katz was a member of the “resistance” who loathed the president of the United States and conservatives across the country. It does not suit their agenda and as such will not make the “news.”

As usual, mainstream media is lying by omission in order to control the narrative. It is up to every freedom loving American to spread the truth. Don’t let them control the narrative.