POTUS ready to launch counterattack against Deep State

Top Senators Back Trump Plan To Remove Sessions - Banned Videos

Trump wants to get rid of Sessions and many Republicans, including Lindsay Graham, are on board with the plan.


The Obama-ran sector of the shadow government is making moves against Trump and his allies.

Meanwhile, Apple’s Tim Cook and Virginia Senator Mark Warner have chosen Alex Jones as the main target to serve as a smokescreen while they begin mass censorship.

EXCLUSIVE! Trump Firing Of Sessions Imminent! 45 To Declassify Deep State Treason

President Trump is poised to launch his counterattack against the establishment, where he will fire inept Attorney General Jeff Sessions, purge the traitorous moles within the Deep State and declassify the much sought-after redacted information pertaining to Hillary Clinton’s email investigation and the phony “Russia collusion” probe.

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