Runs Cohen poll twice for ‘skeptical’ viewers

Chuck Todd in Disbelief After Polls Show No Drop in Trump Approval

NBC conducted two polls to assure “skeptical” viewers that President Trump’s approval ratings remained steady despite last week’s tumultuous developments with Michael Cohen and Paul Manafort.

“So, what effect did Michael Cohen’s guilty plea and Paul Manafort’s convictions have on President Trump’s approval rating? The two stories have many asking whether this was more than even President Trump’s supporters could bear,” Todd said on Meet The Press Sunday.

Based on the results of two polls obtained by MSNBC, “the answer seems to be: no,” he added.

In the first WSJ/NBC poll, taken just before news about Cohen and Manafort broke, Trump’s approval was at 46%.

The second poll, taken because viewers “might be skeptical of the results,” showed Trump’s approval at 44%, within the margin of error of the first survey.

Most of his approval’s steadiness is attributed to the 90% support from Republicans, who overwhelmingly believe Special Counsel Robert Mueller is on a witch hunt against the president, and who believe most of the mainstream media reports fake news.