‘I’m not here to play the political games that some of the press want to play’

CNN Interview Derailed After Guest Refuses To Bash Trump During McCain Tribute


A CNN interview meant to pay tribute to the late Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) went off the rails after host Alisyn Camerota tried to turn the segment into a Trump bashing event.

CNN invited former New Hampshire Governor John Sununu on Monday to discuss McCain’s life, but the interview took a bizarre turn after Camerota brought up the White House not issuing an official statement on McCain’s passing.

Sununu, who also served as Chief of Staff under former President George H.W. Bush, criticized CNN and liberal media for making McCain’s passing about Trump and not about honoring McCain.

“That was printed in the Washington Post,” Sununu said. “And I have to be honest with you, I don’t give much credence to what I read –”

“We also have that reporting,” Camerota said.

“Yeah, well, same thing applies, Alisyn.”

That triggered Camerota, who appeared to control her anger as she took a deep breath and long pause.

“Governor…” Camerota said, “…you come on CNN, and we appreciate you coming on CNN and we appreciate your take on it. But I don’t appreciate you denigrating our reporting. We have excellent reporters here.”

She went on to ask Sununu if he was choosing not to believe CNN’S reporting.

“You asked me to come on to talk about John McCain,” Sununu said. “I’m here to talk about John McCain as I remember him. I’m not here to talk about the press’s handling of a difference between the White House and the press corps at this time.”

“It’s not the press’s handling, it’s President Trump’s handling of John McCain’s death,” Camerota snapped.

Sununu went on to say McCain was a “great American,” and that he didn’t come on CNN to “play political games that some of the press want to play.”

“Just to be clear, we don’t see it as a game,” Camerota said.

“Eh,” Sununu responded.