CNN can’t hide from latest fake news scandal

CNN Under Fire From Journalists After Network Defends Fake News


Journalists and political commentators from both sides of the aisle criticized CNN for doubling down on its debunked Trump Tower story.

Lanny Davis, attorney for former Trump lawyer Michael Cohen, admitted he was a source for a CNN story claiming President Trump had advance knowledge of the Trump Tower meeting between Don Jr. and a Russian lawyer.

Davis later backtracked in an interview with CNN’s Anderson Cooper, where he admitted his client didn’t know if Trump in fact had prior knowledge of the meeting.

But CNN is standing behind its report despite using Davis as a source.

“We stand by our story and are confident in our reporting of it,” CNN PR said in a statement Sunday.

Journalists from the left and right called out CNN for not just failing to correct its fake news, but also continuing to actively push it.

Despite the latest blow to its already abysmal credibility, CNN has made it clear it feels confident it won’t ever be held to account for pushing outright false news.