NRA spokeswoman Dana Loesch humiliated former Maryland Democratic Governor Martin O’Malley on Tuesday after O’Malley attacked the NRA in response to the shooting in Jacksonville on Sunday.

“Another tragic mass shooting in Florida. Republican Governor Rick Scott proudly boasted that he passed more Pro-gun, NRA legislation than any other governor,” O’Malley tweeted. “Time to close the chapter on deadly pandering. #WinBackYourState, Florida.”

O’Malley was either intentionally deceptive with his tweet or completely oblivious to the fact that the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office revealed on Monday that the shooter purchased his two firearms in Maryland — not Florida.

“The handgun was legally purchased in your state, Governor, which has a 30 day waiting period, registration, permit to purchase, may-issue LTC, and in 2013 you signed a law prohibiting involuntary institutionalized persons from possessing firearms,” Loesch fired back. “This isn’t Gov. Scott’s fault.”

O’Malley was not the only person to respond to the shooting with misleading and deceptive rhetoric, as multiple Democratic politicians, left-wing activists, and anti-gun propagandists did the same thing.