POTUS tweets video exposing Google

Trump Provides Example of Google Bias After Being Called Liar

After President Trump tweeted about Google’s suppression of conservative outlets on Tuesday, establishment media claimed he had no proof, but today he provided a small example.

During Obama’s presidency, Google put his State of The Union addresses on the front page of their site every year, while Trump’s have never been featured.

Meanwhile, CNN said Trump propped up a “false claim” that big tech is censoring conservatives and called it a conspiracy.

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey recently admitted the company’s bias is left-leaning and Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg called Silicon Valley an “extremely left-leaning place,” but they weren’t called liars by mainstream media.

Trump’s latest statement proves he won’t sit back and allow America’s tech-elite to silence patriots ahead of midterms in a bid to take control of the House and proceed with impeachment hearings.

To learn more about Google’s suppression of conservative outlets watch the video below:

Watch Alex Jones discuss the tweet here: