Dozens of Nancy Pelosi’s Angels, also known as MS-13 killers were charged following a drug and murder investigation, a US Attorney said.

MS-13 gang members were terrorizing the city of Mendota, a small California city just west of Fresno, because of the understaffed police department, Sacramento U.S. Attorney McGregor Scott told The Associated Press.

FOX News reported:

Two MS-13 gang members were charged with murder in U.S. court and another four with assault. Another 16 people affiliated with MS-13 are facing drug trafficking charges. Additional charges have been filed in state court.

The probe, according to Scott, also helped solve assaults and killings in Houston, Los Angeles, Las Vegas and New York. A wiretap obtained as part of the probe linked MS-13 gang members to slayings and assaults in those cities, leading to additional people being charged there.

If the Democrats had it their way these MS-13 killers would still be running wild in the streets, raping, pillaging and chopping people up.

Democrats want to abolish ICE and abolish our borders which would only increase the presence of the vicious El Salvadoran gang.


Recently, House Minority Leader, Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) defended MS-13 killers after the President called them “animals.”

“There’s a spark of divinity in every human being,” Pelosi said defending MS-13.