ByRyan Saavedra

Washington Post reporter Ashley Parker took a shot at President Donald Trump’s supporters on Friday, suggesting that they are not a group that is a “reality-based community.”

Appearing on MSNBC with Stephanie Ruhle, Parker spoke about Trump’s war with the media and noted his latest shots at the Department of Justice, tech companies, and the Democratic party.

“Well, you note that many of his claims, not just last night at his rally but across twitter over the last few days, they have no evidence,” Ruhle said, insinuating that they were lies. “Does that matter at this point with his supporters?”

“That’s a great question,” Parker responded. “Among his supporters so far that does not seem to matter a tremendous amount. They’re willing to accept — they’re largely willing to accept what he says as truth, and part of this in talking to some experts is the president sort of floating out trial balloons and setting the stage.”

“So to get someone to believe something that’s not true, you can’t just announce something,” Parker continued. “You sort of have to lead them there, you start going after Google, you start going after big tech. So if and when the president does actually roll out an initiative, at least his base and his supporters have been primed little by little to believe that.”

Parker then took a shot at Trump supporters by saying that Trump’s tactics could backfire with voters “who are more rooted in a reality-based community.”