John McCain was eulogized Saturday at a memorial in Washington DC.

The funeral service was also an opportunity for the Washington DC elites to rip and trash the sitting president — who was told not to come by John McCain.

Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner were in attendance.
They looked sad and embarrassed at the nonstop abuse.

Then liberal hacks online spread the lie that Ivanka Trump was texting during the funeral.

A seven second clip of Ivanka looking down as Joseph Lieberman spoke set social media ablaze.

There is no footage of Ivanka holding her phone and texting, she is merely looking down. She may have been just been reading a program.

Ivanka Trump is a mother of three young children so she may have received a text about her children–what if there was an emergency? Liberals don’t care. They are filled with hate.

But this is the left–full of hate and rage. They will lie about anything just to bash a member of Trump’s family — his beautiful daughter.

Some people defended Ivanka.