An Emirates airline flight from Dubai to New York City has been quarantined after several passengers reported feeling sick

Source: Daily Mail

Emirates airline has claimed that ten passengers have been removed from a quarantined flight at the John F. Kennedy International Airport despite numerous reports of 100 passengers falling ill.

The plane landed at the airport Wednesday morning shortly after 9am.

Initial reports said up to 100 passengers fell ill, but a statement from Emirates put that number at just 10.

The statement (pictured) was shared by Emirates on Twitter claimed that only 10 people had been treated

The statement was shared by Emirates on Twitter claimed that only 10 people had been treated.

‘Emirates can confirm that about 10 passengers on #EK203 from Dubai to New York were taken ill,’ the statement read.

‘On arrival, as a precaution, they were attended to by local health authorities. All others will disembark shortly.

‘The safety & care of our customers is our first priority,’ the airline wrote.

A request for comment to Emirates was not immediately returned to clarify that discrepancy.

Airport officials said Emirates Flight 203 was carrying 500 passengers when some of them reported feeling sick.

The pilot raised concerns to air traffic controllers that many of his passengers appeared to be sick with fevers over 100 degrees Fahrenheit and several of them were coughing.

Photos showed officials from the Port Authority Police and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention waiting in a staging area to check passengers after they landed.

Passengers also shared photos from inside the plane as they prepared to disembark.

It’s unclear what caused the high fevers and coughing, and officials are still investigating.