Hundreds of thousands of Germans rise up against open border policy amid media blackout

Thousands of outraged German citizens have taken to the streets of Germany to protest Merkel’s open border policy, amid a total media blackout.

Following the death of 35-year-old Daniel Hillig, a local carpenter who leaves behind a widow, illegal migrants from Syria and Iraq were arrested. One of the suspects has an extensive list of prior convictions and had been facing deportation for some time, Kronen Zeitung reports. reports: Some unconfirmed reports indicate Hillig may have been attempting to stop the sexual assault of a woman when he was attacked.

Backlash has been on-going and growing over the past week, with thousands of Germans marching in the streets, calling for Angela Merkel’s resignation and blasting the “Lügenpresse” for not reporting the truth about how migration is radically transforming Germany.

Chemnitz mayor Barbara Ludwig has declared a “state of emergency” for the city, stating, “We won’t allow for the right and right-wing thinking to undermine the state.”

International media has roundly condemned the protests in Chemnitz as an uprising of the “far-right” and “neo-Nazis,” however many reports and video evidence contradict these claims, indicating that a fringe element is vastly outnumbered by “average” German citizens who have reached their breaking point.