The CIA knew dangerous men were already here and training but kept it secret and the FBI helped keep it that way.


On the 17th anniversary of the worst terrorist attack on U.S. soil, serious questions about the roles played by the highest Intelligence and Justice officials, to cover up what they knew and when they knew it, remain unanswered. Mounting evidence suggests the tragedy could have been avoided.

The Central Intelligence Agency knew dangerous men were already in the country and training but kept it secret. The Federal Bureau of Investigation may have helped cover everybody’s tracks.

Robert Mueller was in charge of the FBI then. In 2015, apparently James Comey “shut down any last remaining FBI investigation into the link between Saudi Arabia and the Sept. 11 attacks” just like he would later do for Hillary Clinton. The Director of the CIA, George Tenet, was hired by Bill Clinton.

Recent FBI and Department of Justice misconduct associated with President Donald Trump and the Russians, spreading into the intelligence community, also involves many of the officials accused of covering up Saudi Arabian connections to the terrorists.

At 8:45 a.m. on September 11, 2001 an American Airlines Boeing 767 was piloted into the north tower of New York City’s World Trade Center and the United States changed forever. When a second commercial jet struck eighteen minutes later, impacting twenty floors lower down on the second tower of the complex, it was horribly clear that what happened was no accident.

A third hijacked plane struck the Pentagon while the heroic efforts of flight 93 passengers thwarted the plans for the fourth aircraft. “I know we’re all going to die. There’s three of us who are going to do something about it. I love you, honey,” Thomas Burnett, Jr., told his wife over the phone. Todd Beamer added, “are you guys ready? Let’s roll.”

For the victims’ families, the battle has been all uphill. They fought for and won the right to sue the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia but are still far from collecting a judgment. Indications are growing that the U.S. government has been actively working against them, all along.

Jim Kreindler, an attorney representing the families, told the Washington Examiner that then Director of the FBI Robert Mueller and his successor James Comey “engaged in a systematic cover-up of evidence that the Saudi government-wide aided the terrorists who committed the attacks.”

Describing the “significant roadblocks” he’s run into, “we’ve really been stymied over the last 17 years from getting information from the FBI, State Department, and Department of Defense,” he underscores.

“Retired FBI agents” allege that Mueller lied to a joint congressional inquiry in 2002, that he was “unaware” of Saudi government involvement.

“In Steve Moore’s affidavit he says, as head of the 400 FBI agent team in L.A., I am reporting on our investigation into al-Thumairy daily with the director.” That’s Director Mueller, Kreindler clarifies.

Former White House counterterrorism adviser Richard Clarke told Newsweek that “top CIA officials,” including Clinton appointee Director George Tenet, “withheld crucial information from him about Al-Qaeda’s plotting and movements, including the arrival in the U.S. of future hijackers Khalid al-Mihdhar and Nawaf al-Hazmi.”

Two former FBI agents assigned to work directly with the CIA in the Osama bin Laden unit back Clarke up. “I am sad and depressed about it,” Mark Rossini laments. “It is patently evident the attacks did not need to happen and there has been no justice.”

“9/11 changed the whole world,” Rossini’s partner Ali Soufan adds. He was angry about being “kept in the dark” by the CIA “about the movements of the future Al-Qaeda hijackers.”

All the way back in 2002, Newsweek reports, “Tenet swore to Congress that he wasn’t aware of the imminent threat because it came in a cable that wasn’t marked urgent—and ‘no one read it.’” An internal CIA investigation would later reveal “some 50 to 60 individuals read one or more of the six Agency cables containing travel information related to these terrorists.”

Clarke, Newsweek insists, “went ballistic. Until then, he had trusted Tenet, a close colleague and friend, to tell the truth.”

“I believed, for the longest time, that this was one or two low-level desk officers who got this and somehow didn’t realize the significance. But “50—five oh—50 CIA officers knew this, and they included [Tenet and] all kinds of people who were regularly talking to me? Saying I’m pissed doesn’t begin to describe it.”

Pat D’Amuro, “an even more senior former FBI counterterrorism official,” reports, “there’s no doubt in my mind that [withholding the information] went up further in the agency” than those managers. “And why they didn’t send it over, to this day, I don’t know why.”

Clarke and “other insiders” suspect the CIA wanted them “as double agents.”

Over the years, multiple investigations from various quarters began to bear fruit. “Subsequent investigations have revealed that officials from the kingdom’s Islamic affairs ministry were actively helping the hijackers get settled in California.”

“Saudi intelligence has admitted that they knew who these two guys were,” Andrew Maloney, an attorney for families, informed Newsweek. “They knew they were Al-Qaeda the day they arrived in Los Angeles. So any notion from the Saudi government saying, ‘Oh, we just help out all Saudis here’ is false. They knew. And the CIA knew.”

Sen. Bob Graham, D-Fla. is on record insisting “that Mueller personally intervened to cut off further inquiry regarding Saudi assistance to the hijackers in California.”

He told Harper’s in October, 2017, that “Mueller made a series of objections to having terrorist specialist and former FBI lawyer Michael Jacobson visit San Diego to see if there was a possible Saudi connection to the hijackers.”

“When Jacobson discovered that the hijackers were close to an FBI informant named Abdussattar Shaikh, he demanded to speak to him — but Mueller refused and moved Shaikh to an undisclosed location ‘for his safety.’”