The Great Awakening, which is one of the largest pro-Trump subreddits, was shut down by Reddit on Tuesday.


Reddit has reportedly shut down the second-largest pro-Trump subreddit pages on the platform, another sign to many that Big Tech is taking serious actions before the midterm election to suppress conservatives. According to Big League Politics, the subreddit, “The Great Awakening,” was shut down late on Tuesday night, but that’s not the whole story.

The subreddit served as one of the largest pro-Trump forums online, and was a hub for tens of thousands of people to engage, interact, and discuss ideas, yet, BLP also reports the left-wing operators from CBS, Media Matters, and ACLU — groups with ties to George Soros — have been outed as being behind the efforts.

Sources have brought evidence suggesting that members of the media and other left-wing activists have been posing as President Donald Trump supporters, while anonymously posting offensive content on the page.

The sources, BLP reports, that these left-wing activists have been trying to post offensive content to the large subreddit in an attempt to get it flagged and in trouble for violating the platform’s terms of use.

BLP also reported that CBS Studios International’s digital media administrator Gary Phillips — who runs a large, left-leaning subreddit page — has been identified as one of the liberals who was posting an offensive comment on “The Great Awakening” page.

There are allegedly more than 30 undercover liberal activists who have been outed as coordinating with Phillips to post as much offensive content as possible on the page to get it flagged.

While this operation isn’t sophisticated, it can be highly effective, especially with Big Tech companies apparently looking for anything to justify suppressing, censoring, or, at times, outright banning conservative outlets and figures.

The massive pro-Trump page being taken down came one day before the founder of the viral #WalkAway movement was reportedly suspended from Facebook for sharing a link to InfoWars prior to being interviewed by the media outlet.

Brandon Straka, the founder of the viral movement, said he was banned from Facebook for 30 days after he linked to InfoWars before his interview.

The suspension also comes just weeks before Straka said he was planning to hold a massive rally in Washington, D.C.

As many would agree, this is another sad reminder of how Big Tech often takes severe action against anyone who goes against the liberal group-think, similar to the Gestapo.

It seems obvious that Facebook, Reddit, and other Big Tech companies are determined to go after groups and people who defend the president.

The timing of these two bans is very suspicious, and raises serious questions about conservatives being censored ahead of crucial midterm elections.