ByRyan Saavedra

A green card holder in the state of California allegedly went on a mass shooting spree on Wednesday, murdering five people before turning the gun on himself after being confronted by law enforcement.

Kern County Sheriff Donny Youngblood identified the suspect as a 54-year-old Hispanic male and stated that he used a .50-caliber handgun to murder his victims. ABC News reports:

Investigators believe that [the suspect], a legal, permanent resident of the United States, may have forced his wife to come with him to the trucking shop to confront people there, Kern County Sheriff Donny Youngblood said in a press conference Thursday, calling the shooting spree “very calculated.”

Youngblood noted that the shooting appeared to be calculated, saying, “The way this went down, it appeared that this was well-planned.”

When a person is considered a “permanent resident” that means they are a foreign national — not a U.S. citizen — and that they have a green card, which allows them to work in the United States.

A person’s green card can be revoked for a variety of reasons and they can be deported if they commit crimes in the U.S.

The Los Angeles Times reported that the shooting “may have been triggered by a love triangle involving the shooter, his estranged wife and a coworker,” as the suspect was reportedly in the process of going through a divorce with his estranged wife.

The suspect killed his wife and another man at a trucking facility and then killed another man who showed up and then fled the scene.

After killing those three people, the suspect went to a residence where he killed a man and his 32-year-old daughter.

The suspect then hijacked a vehicle — allowing the driver and her child to escape — before he was confronted by police and ultimately committed suicide.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Recent studies suggest that “media coverage of mass shootings can have a significant impact on the psyches of potential mass shooters — that such potential mass shooters have a cognitive craving for attention, which they know they will receive for committing atrocities.” For this reason, The Daily Wire no longer publishes names and images of mass shooters as it has become increasingly clear in recent years that “the value of public knowledge regarding specific names and photographs of mass shooters is significantly outweighed by the possibility of encouraging more mass shootings.”