More than a few leftists, including one within the Obama White Huose, were discoverd to be likely guilty of the same crimes as Manafort.


Among other crimes he was accused (and convicted) of, Paul Manafort was in trouble for violating the Foreign Agent Registration Act, which was created to ensure that people who were employed as agents of a foreign governments or entities had to reveal their relationships to such groups. Manafort failed to register as an agent for a Ukranian government leader, and was in violation of FARA, nearly a decade before ever working with President Trump.

However, when Robert Mueller and his special investigation pursued those charges against Manafort, a former member of the Donald Trump campaign, it isn’t likely that they considered what would happen to an ally of Barack Obama’s, who now faces federal prosecution. Manafort’s cooperation with an investigation that attempted to target the President could create big problems for an ally of the Obama White House.

Cooperation between Paul Manafort and federal prosecutors has revealed a number of other people and law firms that were involved with the Ukranian government or members of said government.

Federal prosecutors in New York City, pursuant to the Manafort case, are considering criminal charges against White House legal counsel Greg Craig.

The charge(s) were related to his failure to register himself as a foreign agent, and were uncovered thanks to a probe related to the Manafort case, according to individuals familiar with the issue.

Those sources also said that prosecutors  with the U.S. District Attorney’s office were considering taking legal action against a powerful law firm, Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meahger & Flom, where Craig was a partner when the allegedly criminal activity occurred.

The sources also said that the federal prosecutors were considering a civil settlement (essentially, allowing the firm to pay a fine) or a deferred prosecution agreement.

A deferred prosecution agreement generally means that the prosecution agrees not to prosecute a person (or entity, in this case a law firm) so long as that entity doesn’t commit a crime over a certain period of crime.

Once that period passes, the charges are dismissed.

An attorney for Craig said that his client, who left the firm in April, was not required to register under FARA.

A spokesperson for Skadden simply didn’t respond to requests for comment.

According to a CNN report in August, the investigation concerning the firm and its former partner was referred to the federal government by the Robert Mueller special investigation earlier this year.

The basis of the investigation concerns former White House counsel Greg Craig, and whether or not he, while a partner at Skadden, performed lobbying work.

As with Manafort, the group he alleged lobbied for is a Ukranian political organization, and is closely tied into that conviction.

According to the filing, in 2012, Paul Manafort, then employed by then-President Viktor Yanukovych, enlisted the help of a law firm to help.

That law firm, Skadden, helped Yanukovych and the Minister of Justice to write a report on the trial of Yulia Tymoshenko, a political rival of the president and the former Prime Minister of Ukraine.

Before the report was released, the former Trump campaign member worked with the firm to ensure that hard copies of the report would wind up in the hands of multiple government officials, including senior members of the executive and legislative branches.

According to court proceedings in another case related to Manafort’s, it was Craig who worked on that report.

Specifically, that information came out in a case concerning Alex van der Zwaan, who pleaded guilty in February to lying to the Mueller investigation.

The New York Times claimed that Craig was involved in promoting the report from Ukraine to Congresspersons and to the media, which may have triggered FARA’s requirements.

These are not the only charges referred by the Mueller team concerning people or groups with long ties to the political left in the United States.

For example, Tony Podesta’s name came up as well concerning a similar FARA violation.

Tony Podesta is a longtime democrat lobbyist, as well as being brother to John Podesta, who was involved in the Bill Clinton and Barack Obama White Houses as well as being the campaign manager of the Hillary Clinton campaign.

Skadden is a large law firm with numerous political connections of its own. The firm usually supports Democrat candidates in elections, and has donated both money and time to candidates.

Aside from their lobbying efforts, they hosted a phone bank in order to support Obama’s first campaign for the president.

According to some accounts, after Paul Manafort was initially charged, a number of lawyers and law firms updated their FARA paperwork.  Some even allegedly had to retroactively add time spent as lobbying agents for a foreign power.

It seems that the Mueller investigation was willing to ‘make a deal’ with at least one organization that did exactly what Manafort did, and just happened to have a long history of contributing to democrats.