ByRyan Saavedra

New York law enforcement officials charged 19-year-old Adwoa Lewis with making a false punishable written statement on Saturday after she falsely accused four Trump-supporting teenagers of slashing her tires and leaving her a note that told her to “go home.”

Lewis gave Nassau County police a written statement on Friday claiming to be the victim of a hate crime which she said happened while “she was driving home in Long Island September 2 when four teens confronted her,” the Daily Mail reported.

Lewis claimed that the four teens yelled “Trump 2016!” before they told her that she “didn’t belong here.”

Lewis said that she found that her tires had been slashed the next morning and found a note on her car that said: “Go home.”

Police determined throughout the course of an investigation that no confrontation ever happened as Lewis had alleged.

Police later said that Lewis admitted that she wrote the note herself and placed it on her car.

Lewis was arrested and charged with making a false punishable written statement and is due to appear in court on September 24.