A political candidate from Belgium has been banned from using his full surname on Facebook because the social media giant decided it was offensive.

When 26 year old Luc Anus decided to stand as a council candidate in Lobbes, in Belgium’s Wallonia region he was hoping to share his campaign ideas on Facebook….but discovered that his surname went against the regulations of the social media site.

RT reports: Unable to use his surname on the platform and with the October 10 vote approaching, the Socialist Party candidate chose to register on Facebook as “Luc Anu.”

Anus had already become the butt of many jokes in Belgium after pictures of his election poster circulated online, bringing his campaign and surname to the attention of those living outside of Lobbes.

“Some people I meet for the first time do not believe me at first, but it stops there,” he said, adding that he “never” thought about changing it, even at school.

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