Seemingly taken aback by his boast, the audience broke into laughter, prompting a smiling Trump to say: “I wasn’t expecting that reaction but that’s ok.”

His ad-lib prompted a round of applause from the assembled world power brokers.

Trump then continued to praise his own work, boasting about spending $700billion on the US military.

He added: “Soon American will be more powerful that it has ever been before. Stronger, safer and richer than it was when I assumed office. Standing up for America and for American people.”

 Trump praised his administration's work while blasting the 'corrupt' Iranian regime

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Trump praised his administration’s work while blasting the ‘corrupt’ Iranian regime

This morning, the US President tweeted: “Will be speaking at the United Nations this morning. Our country is much stronger and much richer than it was when I took office less than two years ago. We are also MUCH safer!”

The US President also praised the economic sanctions his administration has placed on Iran while branding the country “the world’s leading sponsor of terror”.

He said: “Iran does not respect its neighbours or borders nor the sovereign right of nations.

“They plunder their resources and spread terror around the world.”

Trump slammed the “horrible” Iran nuclear deal signed by the Obama administration while insisting that the Islamic Republic should never be allowed nuclear weapons.

 The event was attended by some of the world's most powerful people

The event was attended by some of the world’s most powerful people

He added: “The Iranian people must be allowed to pursue their religious and righteous destiny.”

Trump praised North Korea’s leader Kim Jong-un for his courage in taking some steps to disarm but said sanctions must remain in place until the country denuclearises.

He said: “The missiles and rockets are no longer flying in every direction, nuclear testing has stopped, some military facilities are already being dismantled.

“I would like to thank Chairman Kim for his courage and for the steps he has taken, though much work remains to be done.

Trump urged other leaders to join his ‘economic pressure’ campaign against Iran
 The US leader looked pensive before making his explosive speech

The US leader looked pensive before making his explosive speech
 The President's son Eric tweeted a snap of himself, his wife Lara, brother-in-law Jared Kushner and his two sisters Ivanka and Tiffany at Trump Tower before they headed to the event


“The sanctions will stay in place until denuclearisation occurs.”

Trump’s remarks on North Korea were dramatically different to those in his speech last year at the UN assembly when he threatened to “totally destroy” the rogue state while branding Kim Jong-un a “Rocket Man”.

President Trump also targeted China saying the US will no longer tolerate unfair trade arrangements that allow countries to dump their products in America.

He said his administration would not longer accept Beijing’s attempts to subsidize their goods, target US industries and manipulate currency to gain unfair advantages.

 The US President arriving at the event in the Big Apple