Other than a sworn affidavit recounting his clients staggering allegations that SCOTUS nominee Brett Kavanaugh participated in high school “gang rape” parties, celebrity attorney Michael Avenatti hasn’t proffered any evidence – or indeed any more information – about his client Julie Swetnick’s allegations against Kavanaugh.

And unsurprisingly, he said in an interview Thursday that he doesn’t intend to, despite serious questions being raised about his client’s credibility. Avenatti told CNN on Thursday that it wasn’t his “obligation” to lay out “all the facts and all the evidence right now”.

by Tyler Durden

The interview was held one day after Avenatti revealed Swetnick’s name and called on the Senate to delay a confirmation vote for President Trump’s nominee until a full FBI investigation into his client’s claims – and the claims of other women who have come forward – can be completed.

“The claims your client makes are jaw dropping, and they don’t make sense to me so can we go through them and have you explain them to us,” Camerota said.

“She attended well over ten house parties where Brett Kavanaugh and his friend, Mark Judge were, and she said there was disturbing conduct,” Camerota said. “She saw Kavanaugh pressing his body against women without their consent and grinding his body against girls and attempting to expose body parts of girls and maybe his own and making crude sexual comments and being a mean drunk and spiking the punch at the house parties in order to make people incapacitated.”

“And then this, a long line outside of a bedroom where there was a young woman inside in preparation for some sort of gang rape, as she says,” Camerota said. “How is any of this possible? How is it possible that if she saw any of these things she would continue to go to house parties like this?”

Avenatti assured her that Swetnick’s claims would be corroborated if only the FBI would investigate.

“She witnessed a lot of the conduct as it relates to what was going on in the back bedrooms and did not understand at the time the magnitude of what was transpiring in the back bedrooms until she was ultimately gang raped and drugged as she details in the declaration,” he said. “A lot of this would be substantiated if there was an investigation, which is what we want. We are not laying out all of the facts and all the evidence right now. That’s not our obligation.”

Camerota was, unsurprisingly, dumbfounded by  Avenatti’s claims.

But for now, the world will just need to take her word for it.

Meanwhile, Avenatti has continued to call for a continued delay on behalf of his client, who beat Ford to the punch by becoming the first of Kavanaugh’s accusers to appear on camera.