Political sign showing GOP elephant looking up female’s dress stirs controversy in Texas

A political sign in a small Texas town caused a big flap this week.

It started when Marion Stanford of Hamilton, Texas, displayed a sign with an image of the GOP elephant logo sticking its trunk under the dress of a female figure. Next to the cartoon figure were the words “Help” and “Your vote matters.” In the background of her display were campaign signs supporting Democratic candidates Lupe Valdez, Beto O’Rourke, Julie Oliver and Miller’s challenger, Kim Olson.

What happened?

What began as a controversial political statement escalated to Texas Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller blasting Stanford on Facebook. Police also reportedly arrived at Stanford’s home to confiscate her sign, according to published reports.

Stanford defended the sign by saying she made it after watching testimony from Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh regarding sexual assault allegations against him.

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