On Tuesday night, CNN commentator Don Lemon, enraged after he got into a shouting match with commentator Matt Lewis, who had agreed with President Trump that it was appropriate to use the term “mob” to describe the recent actions of leftists, wound up limning those actions simply as “people who are upset and they’re angry with the way the country is going.”

The segment began with Lemon playing a clip of Trump from a rally in which he stated, “ ‘You don’t hand matches to an arsonist, and you don’t give power to an angry left-wing mob and that’s what the Democrats have become.”

Commentator Maria Cardona somehow twisted Trump’s use of the word “mob” to insist that the mob Trump spoke of was the group of women protesting the nomination of Justice Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court.

Lemon turned to commentator Alice Stewart, saying, “Your party won, right? They have the White House; they got the Congress; they have two handpicked judges that in the last year. People who don’t agree with it are exercising one of their options, which is protest. Is calling them a mob, is that a bit much?”

Stewart answered bluntly, “No, not when you see what they’ve been doing. Look, I don’t think you need to tell me that we won; you need to tell those people out there that are banging on the doors of the Supreme Court and chasing senators out of public restaurants and yelling at senators in elevators. If they spent more time handing out registration forms across the country they’d be much more effective than they would with their current tactics.”’

Lemon replied: “That doesn’t mean that people don’t get to object, I mean, that’s your right as an American, to object.”

After some contentious back and forth between commentator Matt Lewis on one side and Cardona and Lemon on the other, Lemon stepped in to pontificate: “Is it mob behavior, no, it’s not mob behavior. It’s people who are upset and they’re angry with the way the country is going …”

Video below starting at 1:12