With stock markets under serious pressure and bond curves inverting, the economy looks as if it may be ready to buckle.

Whether the crash many have anticipated plays out in real time today or is further delayed by more government can-kicking for several months or years, Daniel Ameduri of Future Money Trends warns that the day of reckoning is rapidly approach.

Via Rethinking The Dollar:

That inflation that everybody’s been waiting for… I think it’s finally going to happen… but it’s happening with a little bit of growth.

I would say we’re in a 2006 to 2007 moment where things are going to feel really good and things are going to look really good and optimism is going to continue to sore… But at some point in time we’re going to have to come to grips with reality.

I don’t know if there’s going to be an economic reset or a massive change to the U.S. dollar like there has been before several times in our history…

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