Mac Slavo

Odd-looking structures which appear to be artificial have been spotted on the Moon using Google tools. This discovery has been leading some alien conspiracy theorists to believe that extraterrestrials have established a lunar base – or several of them.

According to The Express UK, UFO hunter Sandra Elena Andrade wrote about the discovery on her YouTube page. “Large buildings in the craters of the Moon were discovered by the Argentine researcher Marcelo Irazusta,” Andrade wrote. “The images are very clear. Some with a pyramid shape. Their forms show that they were built by [sic]  intelligent civilization.”

One of the coordinates given by the user really does look like an alien base could be there, according to The Express, while others seem to show bizarre pyramid structures. To see for yourself some of the structures, the coordinates for Google Moon are:

23 ° 24’39.31 “N 10 ° 29’28.30” E

26 ° 6’7.99 “N 9 ° 15’40.48” E

25 ° 6’51.89 “N 7 ° 59’20.55” E

26 ° 4’22.56 “N 7 ° 59’12.30” E

18 ° 50’37.52 “N 24 ° 25’24.01” E

18 ° 58’19.42 “N 25 ° 52’28.65” E

19 ° 18’59.60 “N 26 ° 31’39.05” E

22 ° 41’27.95 “N 25 ° 46’18.22” E

In the video below, Scott Waring with UFO Sighting Daily shows you how to go about finding some of the odd white structures he has seen with the Google Earth moon view:

Similar anomaly hunters have found what they believe could be pyramids on Mars and other parts of the moon. One popular conspiracy theory claims our ancestors who built the pyramids were visited by superior aliens who helped them construct them, however, skeptics believe that to be a far-fetched idea. NASA claims the pyramid and other similar findings are just the effects of pareidolia – a psychological phenomenon when the brain tricks the eyes into seeing familiar objects or shapes in patterns or textures such as a rock surface.

There do appear to be several unexplained objects on the moon, and NASA has not been known to be forthcoming with information. They have cut the live feed from the International Space Station several times when unexplained anomalies pop up.