“Melissa” is a black conservative and Trump supporter with a huge following on Twitter.
(Melissa asked us not to use her full name because she has small children at home.)

Earlier this week Melissa announced on Twitter that she was attending the Black Conservative Summit in Washington DC this week sponsored by Turning Point USA.

Within an hour of posting her announcement on Twitter Melissa was suspended by Twitter.

This was the third account she created since coming out as a black female Trump supporter.

Melissa wrote The Gateway Pundit and asked us to report on her story — which we did.
And we helped promote Melissa’s GoFundMe page.

Melissa was able to raise enough money to help pay for her trip to Washington DC.

And Twitter reinstated her account — Just in time for her trip to Washington DC.

Melissa thanked The Gateway Pundit and our readers for spreading the word on her predicament.

Melissa and hundreds of other young black conservative readers went to the White House today.