‘He’s got a company. He’s making money. He’s doing transactions. He’s very talented. He’s making his music…’

(Joshua Paladino, Liberty Headlines) On “The View,” Dr. Phil talked about the current state of American political discourse, called Trump an “attention-whore” and defended Kanye West’s mental state.

Host Sunny Hostin asked Dr. Phil to comment on West’s mental state, as he admitted he was diagnosed with bipolar disorder but does not take his medication.

“Well, but is he indeed suffering?” Dr. Phil asked. “He seems to me to be well-oriented as to person, place, and time. Are his ideas eccentric? Depends on who you’re talking to and when you’re talking to them, but he seems to me to be highly functional. He’s got a company. He’s making money. He’s doing transactions. He’s very talented. He’s making his music.”


Hostin also asked whether Trump has a responsibility not to exploit his potentially unhealthy mind.

“I think he has to be accountable for what he says. I don’t think that [West] is insane to the point that he has to be in a sheltered environment. He seems to me to be fully capable of owning what he says.”

Dr. Phil said “Trump has done some outrageous things,” and he blamed the media for “empowering him.”

Joy Behar asked Dr. Phil whether she thinks Trump is a bully because he “is suffering from something.”

“Who knows, but clearly he is being empowered by all the attention. I’m very basic. I think common sense is not common enough. And you simply don’t reward bad behavior,” Dr. Phil said.

“If you got somebody that feeds off of attention, and you pay attention to an attention-whore … and I’m saying anybody. I’m not talking about just the president.”

Host Meghan McCain asked Dr. Phil about the psychological state of the nation.

“I think we’re suffering from confirmation bias to tell you the truth,” Dr. Phil said. “Confirmation bias is when we get so tunnel visioned that we only seek information that confirms what we already believe.”