Despite stories that are circulating about President Trump not being welcome to Pittsburgh by a handful of Jewish progressives, the Rabbi for the Tree of Life synagogue spoke out last night on CNN.


During an interview yesterday with CNN host Alisyn Camerota, Tree of Life Rabbi Jeffery Myers refused to be drawn into the leftist rhetoric blaming Donald Trump for the shooting.

Despite her best efforts to get Myers to cast blame the president, the leader stated, “I don’t really foist blame upon any person.

“Hate does not know religion, race, creed, political party. It’s not a political issue in any way, shape, or form. Hate does not know any of those things.”

He’s absolutely right.

“What lights the match of hate?” Camerota pressured, apparently trying to get the rabbi to follow along.

“I think you’re raising one of those great questions that people far smarter than I can answer,” Myers replied.

“I do recall this: if we look in the Bible after the story of the flood and Noah, God regretfully says to Noah, ‘I have learned that man from his youth is prone to evil,’ which is, you would think, a horrific thing for God to tell us.”

“The message I get from that is, yes, there is the possibility of hate in all people. But there is also the possibility of good,” the teacher explained.

Camerota kept at it, coming back to the idea of blame at the end of the interview. She asked if the president would be welcome at the Tree of Life, actually suggesting that Myers might be angry at Trump.

“The President of the United States is always welcome. I am a citizen, he is my president,” Myers declared. “He is always welcome.”

The manipulation backfired, and many people are disgusted that CNN, which has lost credibility after being caught so many times fabricating news and approving racism, used a low-life tactic to try to exploit the death of 11 people in order to bash President Trump.

Such behavior is despicable to most, and shows the true heartlessness of the left.

Watch the complete interview below: