David Chey apparently uses his mom as a panhandler, leaving her beside the road for hours a day.


In a shocking discovery, a candidate for City Council in Southern California has been busted on camera dropping his wheelchair-bound mom off on the streets to beg from strangers.

David Chey has been seen more than once, leaving his mother in the district of Laguna Beach with a sign that reads, “please, help me.” But, the pair do not need money and it seems this scam has been going on for at least 12 years.

“They have a brand new car, live in a condo in Irvine, yet beg for our help,” local business owner Heidi Miller told reporters. She added, “And Adult Protective Services have gone out there and can’t do anything, because she says she enjoys begging. He’s pretty much brainwashed her.”

Miller continued, “We have a tremendous homeless problem in Laguna Beach, as every place does, and what the Cheys have been doing for 12 years is taking money from Laguna residents and tourists and going back to a cozy apartment in Irvine in a brand new car and taking money away from homeless people.”

The scheme just doesn’t involve collecting money from dupes, Chey allegedly ‘leaves his mom stranded for hours at a time, either along the upscale Forest Avenue in Laguna or at the University Town Center shopping complex in Irvine,’ says local resident David Hansen.

Miller, who is a 40-year resident to the area, estimated that once while she was watching Soon Chey panhandle, the woman received over $200 in one hour.

She also said she caught Chey dropping off his mother just two weeks ago. “He drops her off at about 8:3o p.m. and leaves her there until about midnight,” Miller stated.

“I’ve see her sitting outside by herself in drizzle. She even defecated on one of the benches before because she had to go to the bathroom. There’s so many things wrong with it.”

Miller created a sign and put it up near Chey’s mom, “Do not give this woman money. Her son drops her off to beg for money she doesn’t need.”

In a 2012 video titled, ‘Elder Abuse at UCI Town Center,’ Chey can be seen picking up his mother at around 2 a.m. from the spot.

A man can be heard asking Chey, “Is this your mother?” He accused the councilman hopeful of exploiting her. Chey begins to film with his own camera and his mom tries to shoo the person away.

“As the video continues, Chey becomes increasingly agitated, with his voice growing louder as he calls the man recording him ‘a paid stooge,’ a ‘paid harasser’ who was ‘hired by Wells Fargo bank’ and a ‘stalker.’”

In the video, Chey claimed his mom’s “house was stolen by Wells Fargo bank.”

In a separate opinion piece by Hansen, published in 2012, the Times reported that the pair lost the family home after a bankruptcy in 2007.

Chey’s 2018 candidate statement for City of Irvine describes him as a self-employed entrepreneur.

Is his mom one of his ‘workers?’

He claimed he’s running “to help residents achieve the American Dream. To be better than your parents. And to have high education. To be able to contribute positively to society,” during a public forum.

The fact that he has a home, but continues to drop his mother off to panhandle speaks volumes about his ethics. And, the fact that he would be willing to leave the woman who raised him by the side of the street without the means to use the bathroom or get food or water for hours leads many people to conclude that he is a calculating, cold individual who only cares about a paycheck, not the citizens of Irvine.