Approximately one third of the residents in the state are covered by the unworkable socialist healthcare plan, which wasted $4 billion in taxpayer funds on people who were not eligible.


According to an internal audit, California spent $4 billion in taxpayer funds paying for people who are not eligible to receive their free socialist healthcare coverage.

The money was wasted in Medi-Cal coverage between 2014 and 2017.

“Medi-Cal provides health coverage for 13.1 million Californians, approximately one-third of the state’s population.”

To qualify for the socialist handout, a single adult must make less than $16,754 each year.

But apparently, the records between county and state officials don’t match up in some cases, leading to the massive waste. And, this isn’t the first problem the bloated program has had.

The audit found 453,000 people marked as eligible in the state’s system, but not in the county records. A number of factors could contribute, such as people dying or moving, or increasing their income, but it points to the very real problems associated with government healthcare.

Like the VA, the gigantic bureaucracy is rife with inefficiency and waste.

California’s Department of Health Care Services paid $4 billion to health plans and doctors for those ineligible beneficiaries.

“The audit found that 57 percent of the discrepancies lasted for more than two years.”

The LA Times reported, “In one instance, a Los Angeles County resident died in December 2013, yet the state continued to make monthly payments to the beneficiary’s Medi-Cal health plan until August of this year.”

According to the audit, the leftist state shelled out $383,000 for a person who the state “should have known was no longer in need of services.”

“Although Health Care Services has established a process for notifying counties of beneficiary records that require follow-up, gaps in this process allowed the problems we identified to persist,” State Auditor Elaine Howle wrote in a letter to the Legislature.

But the mistakes aren’t just for people who don’t need the service, approximately 54,000 could have gotten free healthcare, but bureaucratic delays cost them.

“These individuals may have experienced hardships in accessing health care services, as they would have been denied benefits until the system discrepancies were resolved,” the audit says.

“The audit recommended that the department implement a better system by the end of the year and recover erroneous payments by June. The department said it agreed with the recommendations but could not comply with them within that timeline.”

So basically, the state of California has admitted that they can’t deliver free medical in a way that’s workable without wasting billions of dollars.

Many people agree that taking healthcare away from the private sector is a death warrant. It doesn’t work, unless the people all agree to become slaves of the state.

In England, families have been forced to accept the ‘no-treatment’ the national service decides to doll out, and if they could leave to find better care, the country will not allow it.