Source: Nicholas Fondacaro

It’s always funny when a member of the liberal media pretends that they’re not in lock step with the Democratic Party. During the later portion of CNN’s Cuomo Prime Time, incendiary CNN host Don Lemon proclaimed that he didn’t belong to any political party and was an “Independent” just like Democratic Party campaign star Oprah Winfrey.

I love the spirit of Oprah’s speech today, who is an independent. She’s sick of political parties like me,” Lemon claimed to host Chris Cuomo. “I’ve been an independent for a long time. Don’t I own my own mind and my own vote, and don’t tell me who to vote for.” He also boasted that he had just cast an early ballot because he was going to be in Washington D.C. on Election Day.

Cuomo agreed with a previous statement by Lemon that praised how Oprah would energize the get out the vote efforts for the Georgia Democratic gubernatorial candidate. “She did have something that I haven’t seen from Democrats right now,” he added. “She was coming with equal passion. But not with equal animus.”

Lemon loved that apparent aspect of Winfrey’s speech at a Georgia town hall:

Well, I think it’s genius. It’s a lesson, I think, in how one should conduct themselves all the time. But especially if you’re in the political arena. The way she conducted herself today I thought was fantastic, right on. Come on, Oprah’s a pro.

It’s humorous that Lemon would tout Oprah’s civility and independent politics (even though she has only come out in support of Democrats) when he has shown he follows neither.



This past June, Lemon got into a verbal fight with former Bernie Sanders campaign staffer Symone Sanders over who in the Democratic Party was responsible for giving us President Trump. He blamed the Bernie Bros:

Listen, I hear what you’re saying and I saw that on social media. And I got a lot of messages as well and pretty much everyone was in agreement. Not in what you said, the opposite way or the protest vote. And they were asking all the people who were screaming “Bernie, Bernie, Bernie” at the convention after Hillary Clinton got the nomination if they’re happy with themselves.

For someone who claims he didn’t align with a political party, he sure does take up most Democratic causes as his own. Take gun control for instance. He once declared that teachers who wanted to carry a gun in school were “nonsensical.” He also proclaimed that if you criticized the radical anti-gun Parkland students “you are the bad guy.His ghoulish hyperbole is often off the rails, such as when he suggested America was “a country where anybody, at any time, could be shot to death…”

Civility was also something that wasn’t in Lemon’s wheelhouse. Just a couple days ago, Lemon drew tremendous criticism for claiming on-air that the “biggest terror threat” in America was “white men.” Back in August, he rationalized Antifa violence by suggesting they had a noble cause. Then there was the time he said all Trump supporters were “people who will lie, steal, and cheat, lie to their mother.”

Not very civil. Not very independent. This is CNN and Lemon is a perfect fit to work there.