Body Language Ghost, an expert in body language named “Mandy” who frequently analyzes videos of people in the news, scrutinized Barack Obama’s recent appearances on the campaign trail this midterm.

Barack Obama’s midterm campaigning is unprecedented for a former president. But Obama never much cared for US tradition or precedent as president and so this should surprise no one.

It must be difficult for the former failed president to see tens of thousands of Trump supporters coming out night after night in city after city to cheer him and his accomplishments.

Body Language Ghost immediately notices in Obama’s Wisconsin speech that Obama is carrying his head down in a defeatist position. His body language is completely changed since his glory days as a Democrat candidate. Ghost continues,

“This is not the same Obama I’m seeing. His head goes down a lot more in that downward position. It’s like a defeatist position. He’s no longer that confident, head held high, arrogant mentality… This is desperation.”