Source: Kyle James

The media outlet that is best known for espousing anti-Trump and anti-Republican bias published an op-ed that works against their liberal narrative when it comes to the current state of feminism. That’s right; I’m talking about CNN. Left-wing professors with degrees in feminism-related studies insist that women have been held back by the patriarchy and want the rest of the world to believe they are seeking equality. When in reality, women on the left such as the author of this op-ed are perfectly content to use their sexuality as a weapon when it suits them.

Picking and choosing when it matters that your a woman is very convenient and seems to fly in the face of the idea that they are against people being co-opted and controlled by suggesting that if women withheld sex, then they could force their political views. The author suggests women around the United States turn against their partners and use sex as a bargaining chip in the political arena by going on a “sex strike” unless their demands are met.

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