Project Veritas has captured footage of a Texas pollster allowing DACA recipients to vote.


A Project Veritas reporter has captured footage of Texas pollsters telling her that there are plenty of illegal voters voting in the election.

The footage is jaw dropping.

One pollster tells the undercover journalist that they have “lots of them” voting, referring to DACA recipients, and especially during the early voting process.

Many people wonder how can the integrity of Texas’ election go unquestioned with such footage? How many other polling places told illegals that they could vote?

At first, the journalist explained that her ‘boyfriend’ is a dreamer, but that he’s registered to vote. She asks if all he needs is his ID.

The pollster says, “That’s right.”

The journalist continues to explain, just to make sure the woman knows that her ‘boyfriend’ is not a legal citizen.

She even comes back in and tells Deborah Brooks that her boyfriend has seen on the internet that it’s illegal for him to vote, and while the pollster immediately assumes that the boyfriend is lying about being registered, once she realizes that he actually has his registration, she flat out tells the journalist as long as he has a Texas ID, he can vote.

According to the law, that is not the case.

To vote in a federal election, anywhere, people must be citizens.

The journalist then asked, “we have dreamers voting, right?”

Ms. Brooks was more careful then, explaining that if he has a registration and some form of ID, she can bring him in and he can vote.

In another shot, the journalist asks a person named Pam Nash the same questions.

Ms. Nash assured her that there were plenty of DACA people voting. When asked about her boyfriend saying it was illegal to vote, Ms. Nash said, “No, you tell him no. We got a lot of ‘em.”

She added, “Tons of them” from early voting, and told the journalist to bring him in.

The actions of these two women cast doubt on the entire process in Texas. Who knows how many DACA recipients voted today and in early voting?

How can the votes even be counted in Texas without a major dispute?

I’d like to insert just a small commentary here:

When I went to vote with my husband and daughter today, the people at our polling location (the police station) were courteous and friendly.

They explained that even if the electronic machines were ‘hacked’ there is a paper ballot back-up system in place, which actually counts the votes too.

We showed our IDs and our registrations, and were proud to take part. Actions like this in Texas sicken law-abiding citizens who want the best for our republic… opposed to those who want the easiest, cheapest form of slavery.