Something seems rotten in the Palm Beach County recount as democrats demand non-citizen votes be counted.


While reviewing the provisional ballots in Palm Beach County to determine whether a recount is justified, democrat lawyers for Nelson and Gillum objected when non-citizen votes weren’t counted, despite federal law.

During the review, Palm Beach County Supervisor of Elections Susan Bucher identified a voter as a non-citizen and declared that the ballot would not be counted.

However, that didn’t fly with democrats, who want illegal votes counted in their attempt to steal the elections for senate, governor and agricultural commissioner in Florida.

A copy of the uncertified transcript shows attorneys representing the Democratic candidate for senate Bill Nelson and the Democratic candidate for governor Andrew Gillum objected when the vote was not counted.

Chairman of the Palm Beach County Republican Party Michael Barnett attests to the validity of the transcript.

He told reporters, “I would think this is something we could all agree on—that non-citizens shouldn’t vote, but evidently that’s not the case with Democrats.”

“It’s really sad that we are having to deal with this in a close election. It just goes to show the depths they will go to in order to win,” he added.

The canvassing board is reviewing ballots after possible misdeeds were reported in Broward and Palm Beach counties.

Broward failed to report early voting ballots, which is a violation of state law. One box of provisional ballots were found left behind at a local school.

The Federalist reported, “When tabulating the votes on election night, Broward County’s results showed significantly fewer votes than other races on the ballot—25,000. Over the next several days, election officials scrambled to add early in-person votes and absentee ballots to the count. This increased numbers for the Democrats, moving the races into recount margins.”

Florida Senator Marco Rubio accused the Broward County elections office of blatant violations, “No early votes have been case since Sunday,” he tweeted. “They had 2 days to tabulate them & submit to the state by 7:30 p.m. Tuesday as required by law. Yet as of latest update these are only partially completed.”

Barnett promised that Republicans are closely watching the review, “We want to make sure the Democrats don’t steal this election,” he said.

“They’re trying everything they can to win even if it’s illegal.”