By Nicholas Fondacaro

Dating back to Abigail Adams in the late 1700’s (and early 1800’s), America’s First Ladies have a long history of getting involved in their husbands’ administrations and touching on everything from policy to politics. But according to today’s liberal media, everything the Trump administration did was somehow unprecedented. Take Tuesday, for instance: First Lady Melania Trump got involved in the West Wing when she publically called for the firing of Deputy National Security Advisor Mira Ricardel.

NBC Nightly News had the most ridiculous reaction to the day’s news. They were so alarmed by the First Lady’s actions that it actually preempted their reporting on the wildfires ravaging homes in California. Both ABC and CBS correctly identified the wildfires as the more important topic and began their evening news programs with it.

Anchor Lester Holt kicked off NBC’s hysterics with a hair-on-fire announcement and speculation of what was to come:

In an unheard of move by a sitting First Lady, Melania Trump tonight is publicly calling for the firing of a top White House adviser. The object of her scorn the deputy national security adviser. The First Lady’s office issuing a written release today calling for her ouster. After she reportedly clashed with Mrs. Trump’s staff as well as others in the West Wing. But the call to fire her may also be unmasking a deeper White House power struggle.

“Melania Trump taking the unprecedented step of publicly calling for the firing of one of her husband’s top advisers, Mira Ricardel. Amid other clashes with the chief of staff, John Kelly that are so significant it could lead to Kelly’s departure,” White House correspondent Kristen Welker emoted.

When it came to the hyperventilating about the First Lady’s opinion about Ricardel, Welker noted: “Multiple sources tell NBC News, Ricardel infuriated the First Lady by interfering with her first solo overseas trip to Africa.”



NBC also spoke to former Bush administration chief of staff Andrew Card, who decried the First Lady’s management style. “You don’t want the staff at the White House to be preoccupied with infighting. You want them instead doing their job to help the President make the tough decisions and implement them,” he said.

Despite the possibility of more serious shakeups at White House chief of staff and Homeland Security secretary positions, they were only a blip on ABC chief White House correspondent Jon Karl radar during World News Tonight. He spent most of his report talking about Melania Trump and the other possible shakeups only got a blurb as he was wrapping it up.

“First Lady Melania Trump, asserting herself like never before in the West Wing, today publically called for Deputy National Security Advisor Mira Ricardel to be fired,” Karl exclaimed.

Meanwhile, on CBS Evening News, they had a more sensible reaction. “New shake-ups at the White House appear close with the Homeland Security Secretary expected to leave and possibly the Chief of Staff. Also, in a rare move, the First lady is calling for another top staffer to be fired,” anchor Jeff Glor noted.

CBS correspondent Chip Reid saved the First Lady’s comments for last and offered the more subdued description of them being her “personnel recommendation.” He also didn’t use hyperbole to hype Melania’s mental state, only saying she was “unhappy” with Ricardel.

While they were pretending First Ladies didn’t get involved with the West Wing, notably active First Ladies included their 2016 choice in Hillary Clinton. Other historical examples include (but not limited too) Barbara and Laura Bush, Nancy Reagan (whose influence the networks noted when she passed away), and Eleanor Roosevelt. Of course, none of them were mentioned by the networks.