‘I’m not sure the far left is going to allow the House to work with the president to get things done…’

Rep. Steve Scalise Shot in Attack at Congressional Baseball Team Practice

(Kaylee McGhee, Liberty Headlines) Rep. Steve Scalise, R-La., warned Democrats not to push for impeachment, saying that aggressive efforts to remove President Trump will likely backfire and aid Trump’s re-election in 2020.

“If they move so far to the left that they only want to harass the president and ultimately impeach the president, that is going to backfire on them. We saw this with the Kavanaugh hearings,” the House GOP whip told the Washington Examiner.

Scalise said the vast majority of the country supports Trump and his administration, and trying to remove the president would only further isolate the Democratic Party.

“The danger they’re going to have is that the far left wants them to move toward resistance and ultimately impeachment of the president, regardless of the facts. And that’s not where the country is,” Scalise said.

Scalise told the Examiner that Rep. Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., who has also warned her party members against aggressive impeachment efforts, will likely became the next speaker of the House. And though she has voiced concern about the Democratic Party’s newest members, Scalise said Pelosi will have to steer farther left to appease them.

“Nancy Pelosi is already very liberal, but I think her conference has moved even further to the left from the last time she was speaker,” said Scalise.

Still, Pelosi will have a hard time pushing a leftist agenda, Scalise said, even with control of the House.

“Nancy Pelosi wants to increase taxes and resistance of President Trump. And that might work in San Francisco, but it’s not going to work in a lot of these swing districts that will give her the majority,” he said.

And though Pelosi has claimed to support a bipartisan consensus moving forward, Scalise said she will likely shut out Republicans as she did during her speakership under the Obama presidency.

“I’m not sure the far left is going to allow the House to work with the president to get things done,” he said.