‘This investigation shows that the Middlesex County Jail is essentially a revolving door for criminal aliens…’

New Jersey County’s Sanctuary Policies Lead to Release of 92 Criminal Aliens

(Michael Barnes, Liberty Headlines) A 23-year-old illegal immigrant released earlier this year under a New Jersey county’s sanctuary policies now is facing charges for triple murder in Missouri—and that looks to be the tip of the iceberg.

A new investigation by the Immigration Reform Law Institute, a public interest law firm, reveals that Mexican national Luis Perez’s release from Middlesex County jail following domestic violence charges—rather than being handed over to Immigration and Customs Enforcement—was hardly an isolated incident. According to the firm, the jail has refused “a shocking number” of ICE immigration detainer requests.

“Middlesex County does not want to protect its citizens from dangerous criminal aliens and is putting politics ahead of public safety by releasing them without notifying ICE,” said former acting ICE Director Tom Homan.

“These aliens present a clear and present danger to national security and the public. This policy is also endangering ICE agents when these criminal aliens are no longer in police custody and ICE has to arrest them elsewhere,” Homan said.

Documents obtained through public records requests show that for a 20-month period ending July 15, more than 90 ICE immigration holds were ignored—52 of which were classified as threat Level 1 and 2 offenses.

That includes dangerous acts ranging from arson, to bombing, to terrorist threats, in addition to homicide, kidnapping, sexual assault, robbery, aggravated assault, sale and possession of drugs, money laundering, burglary, fraud, and forgery.

“This investigation shows that the Middlesex County Jail is essentially a revolving door for criminal aliens,” said Dale L. Wilcox, executive director and general counsel for IRLI.

Normally, when law enforcement arrests a criminal suspect who’s found to be in the country illegally, ICE will issue a detainer request and area jails notify ICE when the suspect is scheduled for release. ICE officers then take custody of the criminal alien and processes them for deportation.

But sanctuary policies all over the country are thwarting ICE holding requests, and releasing criminal illegals back into society.

“The consequences of sanctuary policies should be unacceptable to anyone who values the safety of their families and their communities,” Wilcox said “No one in this country should have to get a call informing them that a family member was murdered by someone who was here illegally and in police custody, only to be released because of incredibly dangerous sanctuary laws.”