Crooked Media

ByBen Shapiro

On Tuesday evening, Crooked Media – the Leftist media empire launched by former Obama staffers Jon Favreau, Jon Lovett, and Tommy Vietor – announced that they had dumped Never Trump Republican Tim Miller. Miller had been hired by Crooked Media as a token Republican voice. But, as it turns out, any attempt by Miller or any other Republican to do work that reflects Republican priorities violates Crooked Media’s sense of propriety. So Miller is gone.

Crooked Media announced:

In other words, Miller was good when he was criticizing Trump. And he was good when he kept criticizing Trump continuously, unlike other Never Trump Republicans, some of whom made the egregious mistake of praising Trump when he does things they like. Miller had earned Strange New Respect.

But then it turns out that Miller had partnered with Definers Public Affairs, a firm that worked with Facebook to reveal that George Soros backed certain groups attacking Facebook. All of that was true, but The New York Times reported this as a nefarious operation on the part of Facebook and Definers. And this, it turns out, was the end of Miller. Crooked announced, “we reached out to Tim. We listened to you. We talked with the team at Crooked…Tim will no longer be a contributor to Crooked Media. Thank you for your patience and for being honest with us.”

Here’s the honest truth: the only good Republican to the folks at Crooked Media, apparently, is a Republican willing to spend his full energies criticizing Trump. Strange New Respect turns out to amount to Respect For Republicans Who Attack Other Republicans. The minute those Republicans turn back into Republicans, the ball ends, and the carriage turns back into a pumpkin.

This is the same tendency that leads those on the Left to rip Never Trumpers for failing to vote for Hillary Clinton, or to declare that Republicans must vote Democratic in Congressional elections to oppose Trump, or to state that Republicans who back Trump’s tax plans or judicial picks are part of the problem. In the end, all the talk of a politics of dignity and respect goes out the window the moment that dignity and respect are required of those on the Left toward those on the Right.

This wasn’t a good faith firing. It was just the latest indicator that conservatives who bank on Leftist kindness thanks to conservative disquiet with Trump will find themselves under the bus the minute those Leftists no longer find them useful in their war against the Right.